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Market Garden Summer Rolls With Kimchi Mayonnaise

A pleasure to make, these joyously colourful Market Garden summer rolls will bring a smile to your face as you make them – using edible petals and delicate herb leaves in the wrappers gives a finish akin to pressed flowers, making them stand out on any picnic spread. For us, we love that all of the organic vegetables in this plant-based recipe come straight from our Market Garden, picked just when our garden team decide they are at their best.

Green Super Smoothie

This “meal in a glass” takes advantage of the amazing greens available at this time of year. The addition of our ORGANIC LIVING GREEN FORMULA, a plant-based daily supplement containing 36 nutrient-rich ingredients from a carefully selected blend of whole foods, adds an extra boost.

Recipe created exclusively for Daylesford by our resident nutritionist, using our range of SUPPLEMENTS.

Warm Summer Salad With Broad Beans

The combination of richly yolked organic hen’s eggs, crispy, salty pancetta and our new-season broad beans ensures that this protein-rich take on a Caesar salad is not only filling but wonderfully satisfying too. We love this as a quick mid-week supper dish, or piled onto big platters as part of a leisurely lunch on summer weekends.

Traditional Soda Bread With Homemade Butter

With no kneading or proving required, soda bread is the perfect loaf for those just beginning on a bread making journey. Quick and simple to put together, it is by no means a loaf exclusively for beginners. Prepare and bake if you are suddenly out of bread in the house, serve in hearty chunks with warm soup, or alongside smoked mackerel pâté, fresh salad leaves and pickled cucumber as a rustic starter. But without fail, the very best way to serve this delicious loaf is warm from the oven with generous layers of homemade butter – just as we do on our ARTISAN BREAD MAKING courses at our COOKERY SCHOOL.

Dark and White Chocolate Brownies

These brownies have become something of a Daylesford icon and they’re a staple at the bakery and in our farmshops. A crisp, sugary topping gives way to the soft, smooth dark chocolate filling which is contrasted with a lovely crunch from the shards of white chocolate that run through the middle. Decadent and rich, these are very hard to resist.

New potato salad with green herb and miso dressing

Dressed while still warm, the tiny new potatoes in this salad absorb masses of flavour from the herbs and miso in the bright green dressing. Whether served warm or allowed to cool, this is a lighter and more nutritious take on traditional potato salads and allows you to use any combination of your favourite herbs and leaves. If you aren’t able to lay your hands on pea shoots, then a handful of rocket or watercress will work perfectly.

Sweet potato and lentil bake

With their rich sweet flesh, sweet potatoes are a vibrant and versatile replacement for potatoes or squash in scores of dishes. They are packed with plenty of vitamin A, vitamin C, magnesium and potassium. They’ll cook a little faster than a conventional spud, which means they can be sliced and baked with no parboiling first. They have a light spiciness to their flesh which marries well with the harissa and cumin in the lentils. Please note, the tinned lentils do have a tendency to lump together in the tin; this is normal and once rinsed they separate again.

Pumpkin cream soup with pink peppercorn

If you like to add a sweet touch to your winter dishes, this is the perfect recipe for you!
New and exciting flavors add a special something to our heart-warming classic pumpkin soup. The ingredients are simple: blended pumpkin, water, leek, pink pepper, salt, olive oil and herbs. The game changer? Panettone! Yes, the traditional Italian Christmas cake, toasted and served in place of classic croutons. Unforgettable.

Barbecued Cote de Boeuf

We are immensely proud of the organic beef that we rear on our farms in Staffordshire and the Cotswolds. High welfare standards and a dedication to rearing our animals slowly at pasture are central to our ethos. We firmly believe that our organic approach produces beef that is exceptional to eat, and ours is dry-aged for a minimum of 28 days for optimal flavour. It is when dishes such a this are presented at the table that our farmers can truly take great pride in what they do. Below we share some tips and tricks for cooking our favourite cut of beef on the barbecue.

Chargrilled Asparagus with Crispy Hen’s Eggs & Herb Dessing

A favourite at our COOKERY SCHOOL, this simple recipe makes the most of one of our most cherished spring ingredients, asparagus. We love to serve this as a protein-rich breakfast, a first course at a dinner party or even as a light spring lunch with a glass of crisp white wine and slice or two of organic sourdough.

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